Buyers Guide

The night is approaching and you're looking for that perfect gown …The Gown Place is where you’ll find it.

Our Pre- Loved Gowns are in mint condition at a fraction of the original purchase price.

Browse through our site, select from a large range, then look a million dollars without busting the budget.

 When the night is but a memory, you can re-sell your gown right here, at The Gown Place

 Appointments are necessary.   

 Choose a selection of Gowns, contact us to arrange a time, and come in for a fitting.




 Sellers Guide





It was a fantastic night and the gown was beautiful… but OH THE COST!





 Here’s the way to recover some of those hard earned dollars. If your gown is sitting in the wardrobe..doing nothing…..its simple … it’s easy…

Bring your gown to us. We will professionally clean and restore your gown to mint condition for as little as $85 (pre paid)

You set the re-sale figure.

We have your gown professionally photographed , then added to our website,  as well as displayed it in our shop.

We advertise our site to all  schools, families and students involved in future Debutantes.


When your gown is sold all we take is a 15% handling fee and the rest is yours to enjoy. 

(For Gowns cleaned elsewhere, there is a $20 fee for photography, and 30% commission IF SOLD)